Nero Burning ROM

Nero Burning ROM Version 2019. Free trial

The burning software program which had set the standard for competitors, in an advanced burning and file management version

Turn your house into a media center where everywhere you turn your favorite media collections are available for your continuous enjoyment! Nero Burning ROM has been around for quite a while. However, in this version it sets the standards for competitors as it provides users with an advanced burning and file management environment.
There's no need any longer to collect and create collections of your favorite media files, burn them onto DVD and start walking around the house with that brand new DVD, playing it in the living room, then taking it to the study, and then ejecting it and taking it along with you to your bedroom. Might as well name it and put a leash around its neck while throwing it sticks and hoping it will fetch them.
Instead of going through with that cumbersome process, try using Nero Burning ROM 12 that will enable you to simply create your collection of favorite media files and effortlessly stream them to other devices around your house.
With Nero you'll be able to stream photo albums, slide shows, playlists and other media files to devices spread throughout your house, turning it into a media empire. You'll find it easy to stream media to your iPad, PS3, XBOX 360, Android tablet, PC, digital media adaptor, streaming supporting TV or other DNLA or UPnP supporting devices. It can also support AVCHD (50p/60p) formats making you able to put your HD movies to even greater use.
Nero is no longer a simple burning software program but rather a media burning, streaming and managing studio.
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